Coach B Speaks with Media

Siena held its weekly media luncheon this afternoon, giving local press a chance to speak with Coach Buonaguro. Tom had the pleasure of attending today’s event, asking about Marcus Hopper’s playing time and development and Rob Poole’s confidence as a shooter. Here are some notes from the event.

On the 9 day break for finals week:

“Its a good time. We really need this time number one to rest, number two to work on some of our weaknesses. It’s a time when we can do some extra shooting. Foul shooting obviously needs to improve.”

On the freshmen’s need for a break:

“Other than Anosike and Downey the rest of the team shot 6-32 (against Fordham). Maybe these freshman have hit a wall. They’ve been through a lot. We’ve got to get them refocused, reenergized, be positive with them in these nine days and come out and play well against Princeton.”

On Marcus Hopper’s playing time:

“I think, number one he’s not in the greatest shape. I think that he struggles. I know last night when I took him out after 5 minutes he was struggling. He’s not in the same shape as the other guys. Whether thats our fault, we’ve got to get him in better shape. I think he does do some good things. I probably should be playing him more, but the games have been very close. Im going with the guys that I think can win the game. I’m encouraged by him, I think he gave us 5 minutes last night, and if we can get him up to 8,9 minutes i think that would really help.”

On Owen Wignot’s performance:

“I would agree that he’s not right. I don’t know where he is with the injury. He’s certainly not playing with the same level of what I’d call confidence. I think you can see that. We need him to produce. He’s one of the seniors. Last night I think he missed a couple of his first shots. He seemed to be tentative. To me he’s not playing like Owen Wignot. He wants to win. He’s a great kid. There’s not a kid I would trust more in terms of his demeanor and attitude. Right now, he’s in a little funk.”

On Kyle Downey’s performance:

“The last two games, I think, is a result of his hard work this summer. I thought he looked fresh in the two games, our other players looked a little tired. He’s in such great shape, he was running out really well last night. I thought he had a couple great breakaways where he actually outran Fordham. He out ran the whole team. I think it’s a byproduct of his conditioning, his work ethic, how he came into the season. I thought the other night at UMass he played terrific, and then he followed it up with a really good effort last night.”

On Evan Hymes playing time:

“I think Hymes is probably playing too many minutes with everything he has to do. Now last night, I think Fordham played him well. They pressed and slowed him down. He wasn’t able to get in the lane much. He got a couple of steals late in the game. He missed his threes, i think he got a little down about that. But a freshman at his size, playing that many minutes is problematic.”

On OD Anosike’s dominate play:

“He’s gotten stronger. He’s able to finish a lot better than he did as a sophomore. We are going to him a lot. We’ve made a concerted effort to go and he’s doing well. I think he’s second in the nation in rebounding which is a phenomenal accomplishment. The last six games he’s played really well, we can’t expect a lot more out of him. I hope it continues, i think once we get into the MAAC they’ll start doubling him and we’ll need productivity out of Walters and Wignot.”

On Rob Poole:

“He’s playing like a freshman, he’s up and down. In the last two games he’s 2-12. Did I expect more from him? Yeah. I think he’s tentative. I think he’s missed a lot of shots. I keep telling him just to shoot, but you can see he’s tentative. I watch him when he plays, he’s not shooting right away, he’s holding back. I don’t take him out. He’s playing 25 mintues a game. I keep telling him to shoot, he’s just not making them. He’s going through basically what all freshmen go through. He’s a competitive kid and I think its bothering him, its probably putting more pressure on him. I’m trying to get that out of him. I think He’s feeling like he’s letting the team down, but he’s not. ”

Finally, is Trenity Burdine going to play vs Princeton?:

“Its a possibility, yeah. Alot depends on how it goes in practice, how he feels. We don’t want to pressure him into playing and create a problem with his foot. So we’re going to wait and see how it goes in these 9 days.”

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