Checking In With Kenny Hasbrouck

Kenny Hasbrouck is currently in his 4th professional season, third overseas, playing for Virtus Bologna in Italy’s Lega SerieA. He is off to a very good start and is his team’s leading scorer, averaging 14.4 points per game.

“I like the way I’ve been playing so far”, said Hasbrouck. “I started off hot getting a lot of open looks but I cooled off a little recently and now I’m also getting more attention so i need to adjust to that.”

Virtus Bologna is currently 6-5 and tied for 6th place in the very competitive 16 team Italian League. Kenny describes his experience on the court so far this season.

“The basketball here is very good. Its a very highly competitive league where the bottom can beat the top any given night. The style of play is very similar to Spain with how physical play is and how the refs allow you to play.”

Hasbrouck is his team’s leading 3-point shooter having hit 30 and averaging 40% from long distance. As always elevating his team through his own play is the focus.

“My goal for the season is to make it to the playoffs and see where we can go from there”, said Hasbrouck. ” My approach to every season is play my hardest and play my game without worrying about the stat sheet.”

Hasbrouck rounds out his game averaging 3.2 rebounds, 1.9 assists and 2.1 steals per game. After playing the last two seasons in Germany and Spain, he has learned to adjust to life overseas.

“It’s pretty easy making the adjustment to Italy. Honestly it’s all the same to me now after being overseas for my third season but it also helped that I’ve been here before for my summer trip with Siena.”

While off the court, Kenny has his pet dog named Saint to share his experiences abroad with. Fans of both Kenny and Saint can keep up with them on their respective twitter accounts. @KennyHaz and @Saint_Haz_It

” Saint loves Italy! Especially where I am living because we have a small field in front of my apartment that everyone bring their dogs to.”

Here’s wishing both Kenny and Saint a continued successful season.

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