Brandwijk Reacts To Broken Backboard Video

shattered backboard
When Siena freshman Willem Brandwijk went up for a pregame warm-up dunk prior to last week’s game at Canisius, he had no idea what was about to happen, in more ways than one.

First, as he walked away, the basket assembly which was apparently missing a pin to secure it place, slowly crashed to the ground behind him. Then the glass on the backboard shattered to pieces as everyone looked on in amazement.

“I was surprised when I saw it too,” said Brandwijk. “I went up for a dunk like I kinda do regularly in warm-ups and as you can see in the video, I just walked away. I heard the basket crashing behind me and I was, ‘What happened?’ It was crazy. I’ve never seen something like it.”

What was to follow was even more surprising as the video posted by Siena on YouTube, soon became a sensation as it spread throughout social media across the United States and beyond…..

“I started seeing it on Bleacher Report, Sports Illusrated, Sports Center and I was like, ‘What is going on?” said Brandwijk. “I was so surprised and my people back home, they were like, what happened? They all started Tweeting.”

To date, the video had had over 330.000 views and counting, amazing for a video of something that started as such a routine act, a pregame dunk.

“It was pretty weird because I thought in the beginning I could kind of see how it blew up, a kid broke the backboard,” Brandwijk said. “I thought when the video came out people would just kind of back off and that’s actually when it started exploding.”

When asked if he felt like some kind of action star as he almost magically caused such destruction and then calmly walked away, Brandwijk replied, “That’s kind of how I felt. I touched it but I didn’t hang on the rim or anything. You can see the basket falling back and the glass smashed when it came on the ground.”

As for whether he had received a bill from Canisius, “Nothing yet, nothing yet.”

The Netherlands native soon learned that the video had spread worldwide.

“My brother he was looking on Twitter all the time looking stuff up and he saw that the biggest sports magazine in Italy talked about it. In Mexico they talked about it. And, it was just a pregame dunk.”

When asked if achieving such fame makes him want to go break another basket Brandwijk said, “I would love to.”


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