An Interview With Ronald Moore

Ronald “Maestro “Moore is currently in Slovakia, playing his first season with BK SPU Nitra the first place team in the ExtraLiga  He is one of his teams top players averaging 16 points, 6.7 assists and 4.5 rebounds per game. While at Siena he became the Saints all time assist leader with 823 while scoring over 1,000 points. He helped lead the Saints to 3 MAAC regular season and tournament championships. He made NCAA tournament appearances three consecutive years and helped Siena post NCAA wins over Vanderbilt in 2008 a double OT win over Ohio State in 2009. As he prepares for the final stretch of the season, 4guysinblazers caught up with Ronald for the following interview. Thank you Ronald for your support!


4guysinblazers: What brought you to Siena/ led you to choose Siena?

Ronald Moore: I wasn’t heavily recruited coming out of high school, I had a lot of mid major offers and low division 1 schools after me. The most important things to me in my decision on college were, distance from home, the education, the coach, playing time opportunity, and the community. Siena hit all of those key factors that played in my college decision and more on my recruiting visit to Siena. Coach Fran, his family, and the players did a great job at making me and my family feel welcome on my visit and were honest about everything.


4guysinblazers: What is your favorite moment/ best memory of your time at Siena on the court? and off the court?

Ronald Moore: I have a few favorite moments at Siena on the Court, most people think it is just the Ohio St. game. That is at the top of my moments but there are other great moments such as, my first start against Albany my freshman year that went into 2 OT’s, another was beating Stanford at home when they were ranked and the first time fans rushed the floor, then there was the Loyola game where we came back to win in the MAAC tournament my junior year having lost to them every time before then, then lastly the come back win my senior year against Fairfield in the MAAC championship game. All those moments were magical to me. My favorite moment off the court is every time a fan comes up to me and congratulates us in the community and seeing how little kids adore us and look at us as role models. The 518 region showed us so much love and made Siena my 2nd home.


4guysinblazers: What went through your mind as last seconds ticked off the clock in your last game with Siena?

Ronald Moore: It didn’t seem real to me, it took awhile for it to actually sink in to realize it was all over. I knew that we had a great 4yrs us seniors and that we had every reason to hold our heads up and be proud.


4guysinblazers: What’s one thing a Siena fan might not know about what it’s like to be a Siena basketball player?

Ronald Moore: It is something that you need to take great pride and responsibility in. Siena is one of the top mid major schools in the country for basketball and the community takes great notice of that and comes out to support along with the best schools in the country. Being a Siena basketball player is becoming one family with the whole capital district and it is a great feeling.


4guysinblazers: Siena’s season didn’t turn out as well as the last few, what is the key to them returning to the top of the MAAC?

Ronald Moore: It takes the same mentality we had to get to the top in the first place. Handwork is one thing and 2nd is playing as a team. Siena will continue to bring in great players year after year and just as we did, you buy into the dream and setting high goals and you go after them. We believed in one another and it created something special.


4guysinblazers: How much do you stay in touch with the current team and the program?

Ronald Moore: I keep in touch with the current team all the time, it’s sometimes like I’m still there haha. We became a family over the time I was there and they are like my brothers. We all keep in contact and that is a great thing that I cherish.


4guysinblazers: What are you thoughts on the heir to your position of point guard, Rakeem Brookins? Have you had any contact or advice for him?

Ronald Moore: I think Rakeem was a great pick up at the point guard position. He has great talent and showed great signs throughout this year’s season. I have talked to him and gave him advice throughout the year because I remember being in his same position as a freshmen. He will only grow to get better and become more of a leader and if he continues to work hard he will lead this team back to the top.


4guysinblazers: In the Ohio State game you were so clutch, what was going through your mind as you took those clutch shots that led to Bill Rafftery to yell “Onions, double order”?

Ronald Moore: A lot was going through my mind. That moment is something that I can’t put into words. By far the greatest moment in my basketball career and would repeat over and over if I could. Hopefully one day I will be able to top it or at least match it.


4guysinblazers: What’s harder, being a professional basketball ball player or being a college student athlete?

Ronald Moore: That’s a good question, I think college is more time management then anything. It is hard to be a student athlete, but you really have to stay focused and manage your time if you want to be successful. At the professional level it is more wear and tear on your body, longer season, more aggressive play, and a lot more pressure to show your worth. You have to love the game at the end of the day to be a pro or play in college.


4guysinblazers: What is the game like in current league? What has the transition been like?

Ronald Moore: In my current league, the game is a lot more physical. At this level you are playing with grown men who have families. It is weird to think about sometimes so I’m still kinda the boy amongst men. I hold my own though haha, the transition hasn’t been too hard just the physical aspect and taking even more care of your body.


4guysinblazers: How is your game doing?

Ronald Moore: My game is doing good, really just showing the world that I am a scorer as well as being a passer. I think my game has grown since being over here and that is always a positive if you can get better each year.


4guysinblazers: What are your plans for the off season? And for next season?

Ronald Moore: My plan for the off season is to continue to work hard and get better, I still have not reached my ultimate goal and that is to make an NBA roster one day. I have high hopes going into next season so hopefully the hard work that my agent and I will put in will pay off.


4guysinblazers: Have you ever heard of a more ridiculous name for a fan website than 4guysinblazers?

Ronald Moore: hahaha, it is a good one because it is hard for someone to forget. It is something that sticks out and that is always good.

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