An Interview With Antoine “Scoop” Jordan

Antoine Jordan played for Siena from 2002-2006. He ranks #25 all time in scoring with 1,232 points. He was the leading scorer as a senior in 2005-2006 when he averaged 17.1 points per game. Scoop ranks # 9 all time in rebounds with 736 and led his team in that category in ’05-’06 and ’04-’05. He was a well rounded player as he also ranked high in Siena history in two other categories, assists #13 with 291 and steals #5 with 184. He was part of a team in 2002-2003 with 21 wins, defeated Big East team Providence during the regular season, and made a great run in the postseason NIT which included wins over Villanova and Western Michigan. As a senior he was named to the all MAAC first team and the NABC Dist 2 team. He has played professionally in the United States Basketball League as well as in Italy, Holland, Israel, Lithuania and Germany. He is currently playing for Kouvat Kouvola of the Korisliiga in Finland

4guysinblazers: What brought you to Siena/ led you to choose Siena?

Antoine Jordan:  Coach Rob Jackson and Coach Lanier. They were very upfront and showed a genuine interest in me through the entire recruiting process.

4guysinblazers: What was the recruiting process like? And was it a hard decision?

Antoine Jordan:  My process was very off and on. Meaning when I first came out of high school a lot of schools were interested but my SAT scores were not high enough to immediately qualify. A lot of schools stopped calling, Siena and two other school stayed persistent. After I took the official visit there it was pretty much an easy choice.

4guysinblazers:What is your favorite moment/ best memory of your time at Siena on the court? And off the court?

Antoine Jordan:  The whole college basketball experience is a memory that I will never forget. I still talk to just about all my teammates from all four years in school. I think the night I scored my 1000th point was an amazing accomplishment but senior basketball year and senior night was my greatest memory. The bond that I made with my teammates and coaches has to be my greatest off the court memory.

4guysinblazers: What went through your mind as the last seconds ticked off the clock in your last game with Siena?

Antoine Jordan:  I actually fouled out my last game. Semi-finals against St. Peter’s we were up by one point with a couple of seconds left on the clock. I had to watch Keke Clark make the game winning shot to go to the championship. At that exact moment I realized it was all over. No more college basketball.

4guysinblazers: What’s one thing a Siena fan might not know about what it’s like to be a Siena basketball player?

Antoine Jordan:  How hard it is to be a student athlete. Most people automatically think that we get the easy road. Completely False!!!!Learning to use your time wisely between school work and basketball are very challenging. The expectations that your coaches and instructors place on you are a lot higher.

4guysinblazers: How would you describe the support of the community, fans, and students for the program?

Antoine Jordan:  Great. They are diehard fans and it’s rare to find an entire community that is loyal. They are there to support each individual player, and the gratitude is mind blowing.

4guysinblazers: Catch Siena fans up with what your path has been since your time at Siena.

Antoine Jordan:  In my fifth year playing basketball in Europe I have been to Italy and Lithuania in my first year. For the summer months following, I venture back to Albany to play with the Albany Patroons. My next stop was Holland, Germany for two years where I managed to get a championship my first year there. Currently I’m in Finland.

4guysinblazers: What has life been like as a professional basketball player?

Antoine Jordan:  Great but it has its moments. There are a lot of ups and downs you have to deal with. But, overall nothing comes easy!

4guysinblazers: Tell us about your current experience in Finland

Antoine Jordan:  I’m enjoying life in Finland. I have my family here which helps a great deal. Unlike the other places I played you’re only allowed to play with two other Americans so every game you have to be sharp. Our team here is solid; I believe we can win the championship this year.

4guysinblazers: Have you ever heard of a more ridiculous name for a fan website than 4guysinblazers?

Antoine Jordan:  I don’t think it’s that bad at all. I actually like it.

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