An Interview With Alex Franklin

Recent Siena Saints great Alex Franklin is currently in Spain, playing his first season with CB Tarragona which is in the Spanish second division, LEB (Liga Espanola de Baloncesto) Gold.  Alex is presently 6th in LEB Gold scoring, with an average of 15.3 ppg. Alex is the number 5 all time leading scorer in Siena history. He helped lead the Saints to 3 consecutive MAAC regular season and MAAC tournament championships as well as 3 NCAA tournament appearances. 4guysinblazers recently caught up with Alex for an interview. Thanks to Alex for his support !


4guysinblazers: What brought you to Siena/ led you to choose Siena?

Alex Franklin: Coach Mac’s family atmosphere he brought to the program and the chance to be part of rebuilding something special.

4guysinblazers: What is your favorite moment/ best memory of your time at Siena on the court? and off the court?

Alex Franklin: On the court was winning our third straight MAAC championship and off the court was going to Italy with the team.

4guysinblazers: What went through your mind as the last seconds ticked off the clock in your last game with Siena?

Alex Franklin: I can’t believe that it is about to be all over.

4guysinblazers: What’s one thing a Siena fan might not know about what it’s like to be a Siena basketball player?

Alex Franklin: That it is one of the best feelings to go out and represent your school and your community every night you step on the court.

4guysinblazers: Siena’s season didn’t turn out as well as the last few, what is the key to them returning to the top of the MAAC?

Alex Franklin: Hard work, and dedication. Staying focus and trying to get better as a team everyday and things will take care of themselves.

4guysinblazers: Do you stay in touch with the current team and the program?

Alex Franklin: Facebook, Skype, Twitter, most of the guys I can just call up and see how things are going and Coach C and Dave stayed in contact with me throughout the season to give me updates.

4guysinblazers: What is the game like in your current league? What has the transition been like?

Alex Franklin: It is a constant battle every night, the game is more fast paced, more physical and played with a different style. The transition has been pretty smooth, I had my struggles early on adjusting to the different style of play, however being a basketball player you learn to adapt and become productive.

4guysinblazers: What’s harder, being a professional basketball ball player or being a college student athlete?

Alex Franklin: College-student athlete by far! There is far more work and time management that comes with being a student athlete, because not only do you have to be focused on your sport but also in the classroom. Being a professional your job is to just play ball that’s it.

4guysinblazers: How is your game doing?

Alex Franklin: I think I’ve been playing pretty well, I am always striving to get better though. I am happy with they way I’ve been playing but I am never satisfied.

4guysinblazers: What are your plans for the off season? And for next season?

Alex Franklin: Off season plans are to get better in every aspect of my game, I will be training in Las Vegas at Impact Training Facility and preparing my body to be ready for what ever opportunity comes for me next year.

4guysinblazers: You are the 6th leading scorer in the Gold division have you had any interest from scouts in the ACB or any other professional club?

Alex Franklin: Right now I’ve just been focused on winning games and doing the best I can do with finishing out this season strong. After the season I will talk with my agent about the interest I have received.

4guysinblazers: Have you ever heard of a more ridiculous name for a fan website than 4guysinblazers?

Alex Franklin: Not at all, but I love the originality of it and it has become one of my favorite sites.


  1. Mike

    March 16, 2011 at 7:54 pm

    Great interview. Alex was a class act his 4 years at Siena. I'm sure I speak for all the fans when I say I wish nothing but the best for him.

  2. KGB

    March 17, 2011 at 9:24 pm

    Great interview. Great player. Great site so far. I love blazers anyways, would love to don a Green one in 2011!

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