A Message From Ryan, Alex, Ronald, & Kenny

With the tip off to the season almost here 4guysinblazers reached out to four of the Siena greats and asked them to share their thoughts on the upcoming season. As they are all working hard playing professionally overseas they asked us to pass on the following messages to this year’s Siena Saints.

Ryan Rossiter

“I actually reached out to the team about a week ago after hearing about Rahk. I pretty much told them to ignore what everyone is saying and focus on what they have. People love to speculate and assume things, however the team still knows what they have in the locker room and what they’re capable of. I think they can be a very dangerous team this season, especially with everyone writing them off. If they are willing to do the “little things” diving on every ball, taking charges and making the extra pass they will be fine this season. Most importantly I told them to stay together through everything, I don’t think that will be a problem at all. There is a lot of character in that locker room and great senior leadership between the four seniors”.

Alex Franklin

“With the season about to get started, I just want to tell the guys to stay together and play with confidence. This year is about showing everyone what Siena stands for and proving yourself to all the doubters. Putting that jersey on represents more than just yourself. It represents everyone who has ever worn that jersey in the past and the community of supporters the program will always have. Make us all proud. #TeamSaints”

Ronald Moore

“Siena Basketball season is about to be underway and I am always representing Siena no matter where i am at. I want to say good luck to the Siena team and basketball staff. I will be following throughout the season as I did last year. Continue the Siena tradition and work hard to achieve another MAAC Championship”.

Kenny Hasbrouck

“I would say to the team, you guys have to earn everything that you want to be given to you! You can’t listen or pay any attention to the media or fans or anybody, you have to show what you can do on the court because that’s the only thing that matters! And to do that it starts with how hard you work in conditioning, in practice, individually, how much you focus on film and how dedicated to your team and coach to sacrifice to be your best player and teammate! It took a couple years for me to figure but once I did, we shined at Siena together as a unit as a family as a team! “

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