4guysinblazers at Siena Sneak Preview

For us as fans, the First Niagara Siena Sneak Preview Night was awesome. Everyone there from the players and coaches to the other fans we spoke with, all shared the same sentiment. Can’t Wait !

When speaking with Brandon Walters one of the guys asked him if he was going to grow his longer beard back and if MAAC opponents should, “fear the beard?”. He laughed and then told us he was going for a new look this season, a perfect metaphor and a theme for the night. That is exactly what the Saints as a team will be going for, a new look.  Brandon told us he was excited and gets shivers thinking about the up and down style the Saints will be taking on with the addition of guards and speed this team has taken on.

OD Anosike has a fire in his eyes and looks impressive physically.He said he has not put on a lot of weight but has worked very hard with strength and conditioning coach Dan Taylor on building within his frame, and it shows as he looks noticeably bigger. He also told us they hoped for a good fan turnout at MSG since it is a home game for Iona.

Owen Wignot told us he welcomes being a senior leader of the team and looks forward to following in the footsteps of leaders he played under.

Rakeem Brookins is excited about the amount of speed this years team has and its ability to play the up tempo game.

Davis Martens despite recent hip surgery said he remains upbeat and is looking forward to two more years of eligibility

Steven Cruz said that 4guysinblazers is his homepage, can you blame him?

Connor Fenlon gave us a shout out and said we are always on top of team Siena Saints. He told us he’s on the site every day.

Evan Hymes and DaVonte Beard both told us they hadn’t been to a Siena game at the TU Center but they are excited to play there and see the strong fan support. They are also  really looking forward to playing at Madison Square Garden. While in high school Evan played at the University of North Carolina “Dean Dome” and DaVonte played at Siena victim Ohio State, but both are excited about playing in the “World’s Most Famous Arena”

Marcus Hopper is also looking forward to Madison Square Garden and  said for him it is like going home as he is from NYC and said he has played there 5 or 6 times before.

Lionel Gomis   Lit up with a huge smile when we asked how he was doing and said, ” I got great news today” referring to the NCAA’s decision to reinstate two years of his eligibility. He said he really likes the area so far and that there is so much to do here as compared to where he was from and even compared to around Blair Academy in New Jersey where he went to high school. He has found his favorite pizza joint and said pizza is something he would eat every day if he could.

Assistant coach Tobin Anderson is  excited about upcoming season and appreciates what we are doing in covering the team from a fan’s perspective

Mitch Buonaguro told us he commended the “fabulous” work put in by A.D. John D’Argenio and his staff as well as by the administration including Siena president Father Mullen in helping Lionel Gomis in regaining two years of eligibility from the NCAA. He also felt there is still a chance that Lionel and Imoh Silas will win the appeal to play this season.

Dan Taylor, strength and conditioning coach, and apparently our fashion consultant,   loved the thread count on our blazers. He was complemented by Brandon who told us the quality of the program put together by Dan is much better than what he had experienced while at Seton Hall. Other players stated that they were very lucky to have him.

Women’s team sophomores Allison Mullings and Kanika Cummings told us the game they are most looking forward to is “the first one” as they both can’t wait to get the season started. They also promised to spread the work about 4guysinblazers.com when we told them we may be devoting some coverage to the women’s team as well.

We spoke to the band leader and he has a lot of good selections to be played this coming season including…. The Michael Jackson composition of Thriller and selections from Lady Gaga amongst other popular tunes.

And finally, the free chicken wings were incredible !

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