# 43 Steven Priestley

In less than 24 hours, the announcer at the Times Union Center will proclaim something which has occurred only once before. “Starting for your Siena Saints a 6-5 senior from Baldwin, NY number 43 Steven Priestley”. This sudden change in lineup will occur as a gesture of thanks and respect on the part of Coach Mitch Buonaguro to honor a student athlete who like his team/classmates Ryan Rossiter and Clarence Jackson will play in his last home game of his Siena career. Unlike Ed Cooley of Fairfield, Coach B. will follow a time honored tradition of giving special recognition to his seniors by allowing someone who is not a regular starter to be announced as such one last time.


Steve will be appearing in his 65th game, starting for the 2nd time, hoping to score his 42nd point, and to record his 63rd rebound.  By comparison fellow senior Ryan Rossiter will be playing in his 131st game, starting for the 108th time, and likely to score his 1396th point and record his 1121st rebound and beyond.  I point out these stats not as a knock on Steven but to point out that although he may not have racked up the stats or logged the minutes or gotten the face time on the evening news on a level equal to his teammate Ryan, he is still deserving of the recognition of having served as a student athlete at Siena College.  For four years he has put in the work in the classroom majoring in Economics, as well as on the court to help make this era of Saints basketball one of the most successful in its history.


Most of us will never know the hours he logged in the gym at practice helping to prepare those who would get the glory, or the time he spent  on the planes and buses taking the team to arenas all over the country.  So let’s not forget as we put our hands together when they announce his name that like Ryan and Clarence this Siena Saint Steven Priestley is a 3 time MAAC champion and a winner.

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